Rail Safety Week (September 21– 27, 2020)

Canada’s Rail Safety Week aims at increasing the awareness of the importance of safe behavior near railroad tracks. Following last year’s successful campaign, A&B Rail Services again looks forward to celebrating this important week with you and your family.

According to Operation LifeSaver, a group dedicated to educating Canadians about the hazards surrounding railway property and trains, since January 2020 across Canada, there have been 114 Incidents, 36 Fatalities & 22 Serious Injuries that have occurred as a result of railway crossings or trespassing incidents.

No matter your mode of transportation, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe by following these simple RAIL SAFETY TIPS:

  • Stay Off the Tracks - Never walk, cycle or drive along railway tracks.
  • Keep Off Railway Property - Railway yards, tunnels and bridges are all private property.
  • Use Designated Railway Crossings - Always cross railway tracks at designated crossings.
  • Obey All Railway Signs & Signals - Before proceeding through a crossing, look both ways and observe signs and signals.
  • Stay Alert - You can’t avoid getting struck by a train if you can’t hear it or see it coming.
  • Keep Your Distance - Trains can overhang the tracks by as much as 1 metre on each side.

 To promote Rail Safety Week this year, the Universal Rail Systems’ Health and Safety Department has created a few safety videos linked below featuring a few of our very own amazing employees and their families. We invite you to share these with your own families!   

Rail Safety Week 2020

 What Does Rail Safety Mean To Our Kids

  In addition to this, the Health and Safety Department sponsored an Employee Family Rail Safety Colouring / Connect The Dots Contest.  Universal Rail Systems is proud to present our: 

Contest Winners