Operations Support

Keeping Your Operations In Motion

Universal Railway Operations provides training and other support services based on the specific Regulatory and Operational requirements of your railway operation. Our group of experienced, passionate and safety conscious rail operations experts develop customized rail courses to meet the individual needs of your employees and your industry

Services Offerings:

General Operating Instructions

Create new or edit existing GOIs to reflect the risk tolerance and practices of a specific industrial railway.


Perform annual Internal and External Railway SMS audits.


Providing Rail Car Mover, Locomotive, or Rail Car Safety and Securement training at an industrial railway’s site, using its SMS/GOI as a source of training material so that a site’s employees understand fully specific requirements of the site.

Railway Certification

Assist industrial railways in obtaining their Railway Certificate from the Province.


Provide industrial railways, either current or proposed, any and all assistance they may require of railway experts well versed on all aspects of industrial railways, from design to construction to operation.

Proficiency Testing

Assess operating crews to ensure they are operating in accordance not only to regulatory requirements, but to those identified in a site’s set of General Operating Instructions as well.

Certified Car Inspections and Brake Tests

Universal Railway Operations has professionals on staff currently performing CCIs, Number 1 Brake Tests and subsequent repairs, and can assist a facility required to perform those functions as well individual needs of your employee and your industry.