Universal Railway Operations

Switch to safe, effective operations

Universal Railway Operations delivers rail-switching and logistics, flagging, and inspection solutions to ensure your trains move safely and expediently.

In busy rail yards and terminals, there are competing priorities.  We know that safety and efficient operations are at the top of your list, and we have the people and equipment to make good on them.

Our rail-switching and logistics offerings include:

  • Railcar switching
  • Unit train operation
  • Railcar loading and unloading
  • Railcar inspections
  • Logistics
  • Related supervisory and administrative functions

Our flagging offerings include:

  • Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR) certified flagmen
  • Protection for people and machinery on or near railway tracks

Our inspection offerings include:

We know every foot of your track is critical to your operations. We know that regular and thorough inspections by trusted and skilled experts are both good for business and industry requirements.  We also know it has been challenging to access inspection services that understand your requirements and prioritize your needs. This is why our Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection team is 100 per cent dedicated to meeting your specialized requirements across your rail network. Our new Rail Flaw Detection service is one more step in building a one stop shop, where we can provide you, our valued customer, with a single source rail maintenance program that works for you.

  • Prevention of service interruptions as a result of rail failure
  • Ultrasonic inspection for rail flaw detection/evaluation, dimension measurements and material characterization
  • Preparing and maintaining safety management systems by conducting External Audits which are accepted by Alberta Transportation

Our thoughtful, high-performance team works as trusted business partners with a sincere commitment to the viability of your operations.  With Universal Rail Operations, third-party solutions can be first-hand to your business outcomes.

You can count on us to listen and the model the way with safety protocols, while exemplifying a high-performance work plan with exceptional results.  You can expect us to deliver all services safely and efficiently the first time.