Switching & Short Lines

Safe, cost effective and efficient

Rail yards and terminals serving every sector, from agriculture to automotive and from manufacturing to mining, work to beat the clock and keep trains in motion.

This is easier said than done when they are buzzing with shipments, people, trains and heavy equipment.

Universal Rail Systems knows the goal and how to achieve it.  The team at Universal Railway Operations has the technical know-how and experience to unload, load, inspect, coordinate logistics, and deliver trains back to Class 1 & 2 rail lines safely, efficiently, damage-free and on-time.

 Our Proven experience includes:
  • Railcar switching
  • Short line operations
  • Unit train operation
  • Railcar loading and unloading
  • Rail car inspections
  • Logistics
  • Related supervisory and administrative functions
  • Creating, maintaining and auditing Safety Management Systems
  • Rail Car Safety and Securement, CROR/IROR training
  • Proficiency testing