Road & Rail Equipment

Canada’s Top Fleet of Specialty Rail Equipment

Road & Rail Equipment enables our people, across the Universal family of companies, to deliver exceptional service.  Regardless of the project, our equipment is scheduled, available and in optimal operating condition to give our team members the tools and horsepower they need to get the done job.

True to our commit to Do It Right, we have invested in a modern fleet of more than 400 pieces of specialty railway equipment, 800 standard highway patterned vehicles of which 272 are highrail specific trucks.  Our extensive fleet gives us the capacity and capability to perform all rail related functions for Class 1 & 2, short line, industry, and transit clients safely and efficiently.

Our in-house equipment coordinators and mechanics work to ensure that our equipment is where it needs to be, when it needs to be and in excellent working condition. We continue to maintain a high level of uptime with all of our equipment.  Our policy is to renew or overhaul our fleet at the end of their useful lives and to maintain strict service, daily inspection, and maintenance logs.

Specialty Rail Equipment Fleet Includes:

  • Mark IV Tampers
    • Jupiter System
    • Double barrel receivers
    • Tie finder
  • Production ballast regulators
    • Knox Kershaw 925s and 850s
    • Kershaw 46-6s and 46-2s
  • Tie and rail equipment
    • Pettibone Speedswing’s 445s and 441s
    • Nordco TRIPP tie inserters
    • Nordco CX auto-spiker/guager
    • Knox Kershaw KTC 1100 – tie cranes
    • Nordco SP2R dual spike puller
    • Nordco auto-lifts
  • Hi-rail
    • 10 tonne Hi-rail boom truck with air
    • ARA knuckle, magnet and bins
    • 3 tonne TEO crew cabs
    • 2 tonne Hi-rail crew cabs
    • 1 tonne Hi-rail crew cabs


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