Safety above all else

There’s only one way to say it: Nothing trumps safety.

We have an incredible team of people, who enjoy coming to work. How do we know this? 

Our team of people give their best effort - day in and day out.  It shows in their work and it shows in our collective results.  Universal Rail Systems maintains a strong safety performance.

As an employer, one of our primary obligations is providing the right environment for our team to achieve strong results.  This starts with a safe and healthy workplace. 

At Universal Rail Systems, we proudly boast a safety culture. Our people know they have the right and support to stop work if they see a potentially high risk scenario.  We’ve developed this culture through open communication and leading by example.  Safety is a top item on every meeting agenda, and safetytraining and education are presented at every opportunity to reinforce the importance of safety.

Universal Rail Systems offers a host of training opportunities related to all of our business activities.  We proudly invest in flagging and switching employees with a formal mentorship program.  We ensure a safe and healthy workplace by delivering a comprehensive supervisory development program.  We deliver online training modules that equip our team members with the fundamentals of our industry and work. Ultimately, we’ve made training a critical aspect of our business model.  The reason is simple – we believe that continual learning is a segue to a safer workplace and a great way to meet customer needs.

Universal Rail System’s safety performance is about making others feel safe as a result of our choices.  We respect our customers and being the best at safety is the least we can do.

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