Our Community

Positive and lasting contributions

Canada's rail network reaches all across our great nation and into thousands of communities.  At Universal Rail Systems, we take our focus on Building Canada's Future seriously and know strong, safe communities are the foundation for this future.

From day one, Universal Rail Systems has proudly got behind our people and initiatives that we refer to as employee-driven community investments.  Our people work, live and play throughout Canada, they know their communities and how to make a meaningful difference to the people who live there.  With employee-drive community investments, our team members help us to identify and stand behind local partnerships, sponsorships and donations.

Our emphasis on employee-driven community investments is an important part of our culture.  We believe in our people, and they believe in our larger team to get behind them and their efforts to make positive and lasting contributions in Canadian communities.

Many of our employee-driven corporate initiatives lend themselves to health, safety and quality of life, including ending hunger and seeing families and youth through challenging times.