Inspection Services

An ounce of prevention

Railway track, car and unit inspections prevent mishaps.  Regular and thorough inspections by trusted, skilled and experienced third-party experts are good business and industry requirements.

Universal Rail Systems values its reputation for Doing It Right, and can play an important role in assuring your reputation as a safe, diligent and quality-focused operator. To do this, we offer regularly scheduled visual and ultra-sonic track inspections.

We know every foot of your track is critical to your operations. We know that regular and thorough inspections by trusted and skilled experts are both good for business and industry requirements.  We also know it has been challenging to access inspection services that understand your requirements and prioritize your needs. This is why our Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection team is 100 per cent dedicated to meeting your specialized requirements across your rail network. Our new Rail Flaw Detection service is one more step in building a one stop shop, where we can provide you, our valued customer, with a single source rail maintenance program that works for you.

 Our Proven experience includes:

           •   Pattern Recognition
           •   Flaw Detection and Evaluation
           •   Dimension Measurements
           •   Material Characterization
           •   Data Analysis and Audits
           •   Manual Flaw Verification
           •   Quality Assurance
           •   Recommendations for Remedial Action

Our inspectors are part members of the Universal Rail Contractors - Great Plains, SCT Rail Contractors, and Universal Railway Operations teams.