Civil Construction

Foundations for the future

Every project requires a firm foundation, and our civil construction services make sure of it.

Our expertise runs through the full spectrum of railway project management, construction and earthworks, and extends into Canada’s natural resource development sectors.  Our civil capabilities include preparing industrial mining, oil & gas, and, of course, railway sites, building roads and access points, grading, development, reclamation, and remediation.

Our civil construction services are delivered through Universal Civil Management. It’s a team with the project management and implementation experience to deliver any project across the railway, mining and oil & gas sectors on-time and on budget, and with an extensive fleet of strictly maintained heavy duty equipment to get the job done.

Our team’s specialities include:
  • Industrial site preparation
  • Road building
  • Grading
  • Snow removal
  • Development
  • Bare land reclamation
  • Remediation
 The team is also experienced with:
  • underground utility installation, and includes certified HDPE fusers
  • civil and environmental engineering
  • environmental monitoring